Anne Carson

7 Maj

This next paragraph piece is an essay in the form of a poem called Short talk on Anne Carson. There are three things I like about Anne Carson. First that she does not write her own autobiography but Red’s. That reminds me of Gertrude Stein who is the second reason why I like Anne Carson. ”A dog you never had before has died” Carson once wrote (I suppose) and then read (that is true) on a YouTube clip I saw (I suggest you see it too). The third reason I like her is because she is the most amazing reader. She also wore red cowboy boots on stage which could be seen as her being the twin brother of Geryon, the Monster of Red. Further, fourth, I like the combination of her being smart as the unseen world of Hades and funny as I’ve never seen such a smart person be before. Then the piece ended. End of piece. I still wonder if she still likes painting volcanoes on the front page of her books.



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