9 Dec

Okej, ett till, citat ur Anna Kavans dagbok (en av de få som finns bevarade) 30/9 1926:

I want to live a primitive, animal sort of life, with one chosen man who satisfies me physically and with whom I can talk nonsense, behave childishly or be silent just as I please. I want to sleep a long time, eat a lot, sit about in the sun and be sexual pretty often. I don’t want anybody else at all. I don’t want the bother of being friends with people and having to talk to them. I don’t want emotional (or any other) excitements. I want to love and be desired and appreciated. I want to be comfortable and happy and at peace – (not all strung up and excited as I am now whenever I am happy). My tastes are not in the least cultured. I dislike most plays, all reviews, picture galleries and ‘highbrow’ music. I prefer not to change my clothes during the day; not to eat elaborately served meals; not to wash more than is absolutely necessary. I would rather go to bed than sit up and dance.



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